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PhysioEx ( Physiological Signal Explainer ) is a versatile python library tailored for building, training, and explaining deep learning models for physiological signal analysis.

The main purpose of the library is to propose a standard and fast methodology to train and evalutate state-of-the-art deep learning architectures for physiological signal analysis, to shift the attention from the architecture building task to the explainability task.

With PhysioEx you can simulate a state-of-the-art experiment just running the train command; evaluating and saving the trained model; and start focusing on the explainability task! The train command will also take charge of downloading and processing the specified dataset if unavailable.

Supported deep learning architectures

  • Chambon2018 model for sleep stage classification.
  • TinySleepNet model for sleep stage classification.
  • SeqSleepNet model for sleep stage classification (time-frequency images as input).
  • SeqECGnet model for ECG arrythmia classifiaction ( 5-AAMI classes ).

Supported datasets

Installation guidelines

  1. Clone the Repository:
       git clone
       cd physioex
  2. Create a Virtual Environment (Optional but Recommended)
        conda create -n physioex python==3.10
        conda activate physioex
        conda install pip
        pip install --upgrade pip  # On Windows, use `venv\Scripts\activate`
  3. Install Dependencies and Package in Development Mode
        pip install -e .